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November 4, 2004
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Inuyasha 127

By the Sacred well fudel era
(characters Inuyasha, Kagome)

(Kagome) Hey is it really all right for me to go back? (Inuyasha) Yeah. Even if you stayed thereís nothing for you to do here. (Kagome) Okay, no hard feelings then. *Kagome jumps down the wall Inuyasha looks down it then stretches.

Donít Boil it! The Terrifying Himono Youkai

Kagomeís time outside the well shrine
(characters Kagome, Souta)

*Kagome comes out of the shrine and closes the doors (Souta) Welcome back Nee chan.

Kagomeís House
(characters Kagome, Souta, Gramps, Mom)

(mom) Welcome back. (gramps) You were gone quite a while this time around. It was really hard for me to come up with excuses for your school! (mom) but I am glad you are back safely. (gramps) What's wrong? Are you tired? (Kagome) Not exactly, but... oh! Here you go a present. *hands mom a brown cloth sack* They told me it was a unusual kind of himono. (mom) Oh, my. *hands sack to gramps* (gramps) I look forward to trying it. (Kagome) Iíll be resting in my room for a bit.

Kagomeís Room
(characters Kagome)

*Walks up stairs and falls on bed* (Kagomeís memories) (Inuyasha) I wonít go! (Kagome) Youíre the type that would go! but when you do Iíll be annoyed. You can expect that from me right? (Inuyasha) Kagome... (end memories) (Kagomeís thoughts) Maybe Iím a bit tired of this... (Kagome) ALL RIGHT!!!

(characters Kagome, Souta, Gramps, Mom)

*Kagome eating like crazy every one staring at Kagome not eating* (Souta) arenít you eating a bit too much Nee chan? (Kagome) Tomorrow is the first time in a long while that iíll be going to school! I need to replenish my energy! *eats more* It looks like Iíll be staying here for a bit so I am going to switch modes and study really hard. *takes a second to swallow* because I need to catch up in my classes! (gramps) she is all fired up about this. (Kagome) *hands bowl to mom* seconds please (mom) *takes bowl* Sure, no problem. *Souta and gramps continue to stare* (Kagome) What? (Souta) Nothing.

(characters Kagome)

(Kagomeís Thoughts) Now Iíll get a good nightís sleep and forget all about the sengoku Jidai (a group of 7 enemies episodes 100-124 about).

Kagomeís Room
(characters Kagome)

(Kagomeís thoughts) After all Iím returning to what I should be a female junior high school student.

Next day

Outside of school
(characters Kagome, Eri, Ayumi, Yuka)

(Kagome) What?! *eye twitches* What's going on? (Yuka) Hey Kagome (Ayumi) Kagome-chan (Eri) So youíre finally well enough to come to school. (Ayumi) You were gone for an unusually long time, to. (Yuka) What was it this time? Was it a rare disease that caused your ears to produce a mirage? (Kagome) All that aside, what is going on? *people packing signs and stuff around* (Yuka) Nothing special this is just normal stuff. (Ayumi) Oh, right. You donít know about it because youíve been absent for such a long time, Kagome chan. (Yuka) Oh, I see. (Eri) Right. (Kagome) What? (Eri) Itís the cultural festival. (Kagome) What... (Ayumi) Weíre preparing for the culture festival! (Kagome) Culture... Festival ...Oh then what about classes? (Yuka) Classes were all pushed back to make time for the preparations. (Eri) I mean, whatís the big deal about not having classes for one morning? (Kagomeís thoughts) Why did I come back at a time when classes donít even matter? *Kagome looks gloomy* (Ayumi) Hey, Kagome-chan? (Kagome) Iím going home. (Eri) H,Hey! (Yuka) What are you being all glum for? (Ayumi) Donít be like that Kagome-chan. Lets cheer up together! Oh yeah lets sing! (Kagome) Sing? (Ayumi) Ya itíll cheer you up in no time! (Eri) Oh, right. Kagome you should participate in the festival too. (Kagome) What... (Yuka) Come to think of it we do need more help. (Kagome) Wh-What? *girls look at her longingly*

Class Room
(characters Kagome, Eri, Ayumi, Yuka)

(Kagome) Rizaabaa? (Yuka)††Right it is like being a reserve staffer or a bench warmer. (Ayumi) Okay lets work hard together! (Kagome) Fine I can do that. So what do I need to do? (Ayumi) sing in the choir. (Kagome) Sing? (Yuka) Announce dishes when they are cooked. (Kagome) Dishes? (Eri) Be on stage. (Kagome) Stage? (Eri) Play the heroineís friend, Brilliant! (Kagome) Brilliant eh? So which one of these three should I do? (Yuka) All of them of course! (Kagome) Why?! (Eri) Because you are the reserve! (Ayumi) I want you to sing! (Yuka) Weíve been going through a whole lot of practice and preparation! Youíre only going to have to deal with them for a few more days before the festival. So doing three should be easy! (Kagome) Okay...

Music Room
(characters Kagome, Ayumi)

(Ayumi) Now! *girls start singing* Now, Kagome-chan sing louder! Sing from the heart!

Cooking Class
(characters Kagome, Yuka)

*Kagome pealing potatoes Yuka looking through a cook book* (Yuka)††I kind of want an exotic dish. (Kagome) Iím good at outdoor cooking. (Yuka) as in a barbecue? (Kagome) Grilled river fish over a wood fire. or grilled sansai(edible wild plants) over a wood fire. (Yuka) Just stay quiet and keep working, thanks.

(characters Kagome, Eri)

(Eri) Okay, letís start with Brilliantís line in Act II! (Kagome) After my grandfather fell pray to a wartime illness, my father has been-- (Ari) No, That's not it! You have to sort of spread your arms out like this *shows her how* and present yourself better. Okay letís try this again! *Kagome acts really into it*After my grandfather fell pray to a wartime illness--!

Kagomeís House
(characters, Gramps, Souta)

Souta and gramps sitting at table * gramps grabs some himono and eats it*
(Souta) How is it? (Gramps) Itís pretty good in its own right. (Souta) Then I want some too. * gramps eats another piece Souta reaches for a piece when Kagome walks in* (Kagome) Iím home... (Souta) Oh, Nee-chan, your back. *Kagome sighs* What happened to all the energy you supposedly replenished? (Kagome) I used it all in one day. (Souta) Were your classes that hard? (Kagome) Classes would have been better. (gramps) Kagome this is pretty good. *holds up piece of himono* The present you brought back goes well with sake! (alcohol) (Kagome) I see. Iím happy for you.

Kaedaís Hut Fudel era
(characters, Kaede, Inuyasha Miroku, Shippou, Sango, Kirara)

(Kaede) Naraku tried to use Kagomeís eyes? (about 2 episodes ago) (Miroku) Yes, in order to make her look for the Shikon shards. (Memories) *Akago(Narakuís heart) holding onto Kagomeís chest* (end memories) (Kaede) Then Naraku must not know the whereabouts of all the remaining Shikon shards. (Miroku) Yes. Also, since he went through the trouble of kidnapping Kagome-sama, that must mean there are some shards out there that he cannot find on his own. (Kaede) What kind of shards would those be? (Miroku) They are probably in locations that are quite difficult to ascertain. (Inuyasha) That just means that heís also having a hard time.

Swamp Area
(characters, Naraku, and Mimisenri)

(Mimisenri) So you came Naraku. I heard you coming from miles away. (Naraku) *Appears in a smoke cloud* Oh? that will save me the time of explaining myself then. Mimisenri, I heard that you possess ears that are capable of hearing many things in this world. (Mimisenri) Yes Naraku. I have heard rumors about you, too. Do you intend to absorb these ears of mine into your body as well? (Naraku) Do not worry so. I have no interest in your filthy little body. (Mimisenri) Well then, why did you come all of the way out here? (Naraku) You have heard of the Shikon shardís whereabouts? (Memisenri) Ah yes. According to rumors among the youkai, you have apparently obtained nearly all of the shards, have you not? (Naraku) One more. There is but one more shard, yet its whereabouts have eluded my knowledge. (Memisenri) I shall listen well, then. *tilts head back and listens*

Kaedeís village
(characters Inuyasha, Sango, Shippou, Miroku, Kirara)
*Inuyasha sitting on fence Sango leaning on it everyone else standing around*
(Miroku) Our shards have all fallen into the hands of Naraku. Other than those, there are two in Kougaís legs. (Sango) And, there is the single shard that maintains Kohakuís life. (Inuyasha) Sango... (Sango) If Naraku completes the Shikon No Tama it will mean Kohakuís death. (Inuyasha) Donít worry Sango, We wonít let him do that, no matter what. (Sango) Inuyasha... (Inuyasha) We will be the ones to find the remaining shards first. (Sango) I intend to have that happen too. (Miroku) Inuyasha... Iím sure it is unnecessary for me to say this but... please be more concerned for Kagome-sama. Make sure that she never falls into the hands of Naraku again. (Inuyasha) Keh, I know that! *everyone looks at Shippou* Hey what are you eating all by yourself? (Shippou) Oh, this? This is some himono that a few villagers and yamabushi who weíve rescued before has given us as a sign of their gratitude-- (Sango) Oh, great. *grabs the himono No matter how many times we exterminators tell them to stop, they never do. (Shipou) What are you talking about? *Kirara goes for a piece oh himono* (Sango) No Kirara. These are youkai. They are the hyphae of a type of fungal youkai called Shironyuudou. (Miroku) *looks at the himono* Is it safe to eat that? (Sango) Yeah it is. but if you put it in water and heat it... (Miroku) in other words if you boil it...? (Sango) A new Shironyuudou is born. (Shippou) So it was that kind of himono? (Sango) Well, from my point of view, itís something iíd prefer to have people toss out. (Shippou) Itís really good too... (Sango) thatís why itís a nuisance. (Inuyasha) *jumps away from fence* Who cares about himono, anyway? In any case, looking for the Shikon shards will lead to everything else! (Miroku) They started everything after all. (Inuyasha) No matter where Naraku may be heíll definitely appear at the remaining shards.

Next Day

Kagomeís time (Music room)
(characters Ayumi, Kagome, sick girl)

*Every one singing* (Ayumi) Okay, higher please. *Sick girl walks in* (Sick girl) Iím sorry Ayumi-chan. I cought a cold! (Ayumi) Oh no! *girl coughs* (Sick girl) Sorry! (Ayumi) Oh, itís okay. Itís not your fault. *other girls talk among them selfs* Kagome-chan. (Kagome) What? (Ayumi) Please sing her solo alto part. (Kagome) What!? What solo!? (Ayumi) *Looks happily at Kagome* Okay?

(characters Eri, Kagome, Maki)

(Eri) Maki-chan, are you okay? (Maki) Ouch... It hurts! *Maki on ground with hurt ankle* (Eri) In any case, please take her to the infirmary... * a minute later* How is she (Messenger girl) They think she sprained her ankle. they donít think sheíll be able to move around for a while. *Eri looks troubled then looks at Kagome* (Eri) Brilliant. (Kagome) What is it? (Eri) From this moment on, you are no longer Brilliant, but the lead role, Escargot Pudding! (Kagome) Whaaat?!!! (Eri) Now letís go on with the rehearsal! Escargot, go on stage! (Kagome) Thatís unfair!

(characters Yuka, Kagome)

(Kagome) *Stiring* Donít you think the two of them are being really unfair? You donít call people who do things like this spares and reserves! Right?! (Yuka) *Closes cook book* Itís no good. I canít find any good recipes. (Kagome) Jeeez....... (Yuka) *Looks at Kagome* Do you know any dishes that pack a wallop, make a big impression, yet arenít known to anyone? (Kagome) Nope. (Yuka) Then, can you go find one? (Kagome) What? Oh, I... After this is over, I have to go to private singing practice for the choir, and then go back to stage for rehearsal... (Yuka) Iím counting on you.

Top of school
(characters Kagome, Houjou)

(Kagome) * yells out* Donít tell me, ďIím counting on youĒ!!! *Houjou walks up* (Houjou) Wow, so you really did get better , Higurashi. (Kagome) Houjou-kun... (Houjou) I heard that youíre multitasking. (Kagome) Iím not Iím being forced to! And it all started off as just helping on the side, too. But then they started piling more anf more... (Houjou) Since itís your first time back here in a long while, Higurashi, maybe they just wanted you to play a big part in the festival. (Kagome) Do you think so? (Houjou) Yeah! (Kagome) Say, Houjou-kun, do you know any recipes for unusual dishes? (Houjou) Thatís not exactly my forte. (Kagome) I might have to count on my mom after all... Oh! (Houjou) Whatís the matter? (Kagome) I think iíll be able to manage somehow. (Houjou) Say, Higurashi, now that youíre playing thr heroine, *Kagome leaves* Weíll end up interacting more, so I thought we could possibly practice together more... Huh? *looks around* Higurashi?

Kagomeís house
(characters Kagome)

(Kagome) *Opens door* Iím home! *goes in kitchen and opens cobord* here it is. *grabs Himono* Iím sorry Grandpa. *takes half or so*

Music room
(characters Ayumi, Kagome)

*Everyone singing*

(characters Eri, Kagome)

(Kagome) This Escargot Pudding will niether run nor hide! (Eri) Beautiful!

(characters Yuka, Kagome)

(Yuka) Whatís this? *Holds up Himono package* (Kagome) Oh, just something that packs a wollop, makes a big impression, yet is not know to anyone.

Sacred Well Fudel Era
(characters Inuyasha, Shippou)

(Inuyasha) All right, iíll get going then. (Shippou) Yeah, we have to start looking for the Shikon shards soon. (Inuyasha) Yeah, Kagome stays for a long time when we leave her alone.*Jumps down well* (Shippou) *Runs tword well jumps up and looks in* Hey, Inuyasha, ask Kagome to bring back more ninja food!..... What an impatient guy.

Kagomeís time (Kagomeís house)
(characters Grambs, Buyou)

(Gramps) *gives Boyou some Himono* *bites into himono* This himono tastes really good, but itís too bad that itís a bit tough. Mayby iíll try boiling it. *starts boiling water* *drops himono in* *sits at table, starts looking through a magazine* Hrm, a festival, eh? *himono boils more* Darn the economyís not doing to well.... *boils more, Demon bubles up then pops, grmaps looks over but doesnít see anything* Hmm?... *goes back to magazine Demon right above gramps about to eat him*. *Inuyasha walks in* (Gramps) Hey long time no see. *gramps about to be devoured* (Inuyasha) *jumps at demon* What the hell are you doing? SANKONTESSOU!!!(Iorn reaver sole stealer) *rips demon to bits* (Gramps) *looks behind him* What? (Inuyasha) That must have been the Shironyuudou that Sango was talking about. Whereís the rest? (gramps) Rest? (Inuyasha) Iím asking you where the rest of the himono is! (Gramps) Oh, the one thatís in the pot over there is the last of it. I ate the rest. (Inuyasha) Then never mind. (mom) Oh, welcome. (Souta) Inu no nii-chan! Did you come to have fun? (Inuyasha) Have fun? No way! (Kagome) Youíll be eating dinner with us, right? please wait a bit. (Inuyasha) Okay...
*Later* (Kagome) Iím home. (Inuyasha) *playing with Boyou* Take that, you. Take that! (Kagome) Oh, youíre here? (Inuyasha) Yeah weíre heading back after we eat dinner. (Kagome) Wait a minute. Beside you never said anything about going back in a hurry-- (Inuyasha) Quiet! We canít find the shards without you, an we? (Kagome) Really? (Inuyasha) Yeah, of course! (Kagome) Is that all? (Inuyasha) What do you mean, ďIs that all?Ē (Kagome) Well not like I care. (Kagomeís thoughts) I think iím back to my normal self again. (Inuyasha) I wanted to see you... Is there a problem with that? (Kagome) Nope, thatís fine with me. (Soutaís thoughts) Wow, youíre selfish, nii-chan. (Kagome) Iím sorry, but I just canít go back there right now. (Inuyasha) What, do you have another one of those ďtestĒ things again? (Kagome) No, a culture festival. (Inuyasha) ďCulture festivalĒ? (Souta) Nee-chan, what are you going to be doing? (Kagome) Oh a little bit here and there: Singing in the choir, cooking, and stage acting. (Gramps) Can family members attend, too? (Kagome) Yeah, that shouldnít be a problem. (Mom) Oh, then why donít we all go? (Kagome) Oh, you donít have to do that-- (gramps) No, I have to see my granddaughter in the limelight! (Inuyasha) Oh, can I go, too-- (Kagome) NO!!! (Inuyasha) Why not?! (Kagome) because... it would be a major uproar if people found out who you were! *Later* Well then, I have a lot of preparations to make so iíll be going! (Mom) Now then, why donít we get ready, too? (Souta) Iím really looking forward to it! (Gramps) Iíll have to dress up for thw occasion, too. Oh yeah where is my--

Sacred Well Fudel Era
(characters Kirara, Shippou)

(Shippou) They havenít come back yet, have they? Inuyasha and Kagome. *pulls out some himono and bites into it* Gah itís tough. Kitsunebi! (Fox Fire) *cooks it* What a tasty smell! *himono blows up* What is it? *Giant mushroom head demon apears out of the Himono, tries to eat Shippou and Kirara, when Sango runs in* (Sango) Hiraikotsu! *kills demon* Are you all right? *Miroku runs in* (Miroku) How ever, to think that there would be a youkai in these populated parts.... (Sango) That youkai was the resurrected himono of a Kurotenmudake mushroom. (Miroku) Himono, eh? (Sango) *puts hand out to Shippou* Weíre going to throw away all of the himono that weíve received as gifts. (Miroku) You still had some left? (Shippou) Fine fine.... Theyíre all so good too... *Starts unloading tons of himono into Sangoís hands* (Sango) A shironyuudou, a Kurotenmudake, a Yumenamazu, a Waraiasabi, a Hamadaruma, a biting Watermelon and an Esedaikoku... I canít belive youíve managed to collect this much. Is this all? (Shippou) Kagome took the rest. *all look down well*(Miroku) Kagome-sama did? (Sango) To her family? (Miroku) Well, since Inuyasha is over there... (Sango) Youíre right... Itíll be fine as long as Inuyasha is over there... (Shippou) But, I heard that Inuyasha canít really do as he wants in Kagomeís country.

Kagomeís time School hallways
(characters Kagome)

*Kagome runs by Demons walking around*

*pot boils water splashis on remaining himono, himono turn into demons and leave*

Next time

Himono Youkai and Fierce Fighting at the Culture Festival
I have finished the script it sucks right now I know so plz tell me how I can make it better:D
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